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Chip and Turning Recycling

Recycling magnesium turnings and chips from machining of die castings is a common recycling process. Due to magnesium’s susceptibility to oxidation and burning, magnesium chips suffer much lower recovery than solid scrap. Most recycling processes involve aqueous washing treatment combined with centrifugal force to remove machining lubricants and oils. The clean material is then pressed into briquettes which allow them to be used as a direct alloying material.

While this is the most common practice, MagReTech recycles chips and turnings by extruding the material into a solid state through a mixture of heat and pressure. The recoveries achieved are much higher than a traditional briquette press. Recent studies conducted by the Harbin University of Science and Technology have shown that solid-state recycling of magnesium alloy chips is the most efficient method of recycling.

Magnesium Fines


Highly flammable


Dry and wet chips accepted


Wet chips contain cutting fluid and oils

Semi-Solid Extrusion


Aqueous washing to remove liquids


Heat and pressure added


Results in solid scrap that is directly remelted